Best Ways To Avoid And Eliminate Tooth Smell

tooth smells
It's embarrassing chatting with friends and they keep closing their noses repeatedly the whole period because of your tooth smell, or when you notices you have a tooth smell and your friends come to have a chat with you. Then you have no other choice but to partially close your mouth when talking and to also monitor your friends faces to know if they perceived your tooth smell.

Tooth smell is a really embarrassing situation that almost everybody experience due to various reasons which includes; poor oral hygiene, poor eating habits, etc.

Fortunately Tooth smell can be prevented and at the same time it can be stopped if and only if you follow the outlined guide consistently.

10 ways to avoid and eliminate tooth smell
1. Proper brushing 
2. Tooth flossing
3. Use baking soda
4.Visit the dentist often
5.Try antiseptic mouthwash
6. Drink plenty water
7. Consume food with high fibre and vitamin D content
8. Avoid alcohol, chewing tobacco or smoking
9. Avoid odorous foods
10. Be consistent

Tooth brushing:
Everybody knows that tooth brushing is important, but beyond what people know, there is more to tooth brushing than just being important.

For a perfect tooth brushing to prevent tooth smell, one is expected to brush in the morning and last thing to do with your mouth before going to bed.

Note that bacteria which produces acid that cases tooth decay, tooth smell, etc, highly performs while you sleep, they feed on leftover food particles or plaque in your mouth (maybe between two teeth), and then releases acids in your mouth which is harmful to the tooth.

You can practice the above mentioned by simply brushing your teeth and going to bed, the result it that you will not have the usual morning tooth smell without night brushing.

Tooth flossing:
This helps to remove plaque from in between teeth which normal brushing will be unable to do.

A tread-like material called tooth floss is used to achieve, to floss your teeth, one has to put the floss across in between teeth and other then curved the floss out to remove leftovers.

Use baking soda:
Baking soda has numerous dental advantages and it can also help you to eliminate tooth smell, simply use it as toothpaste when brushing. Don't use it all the time, once a week is ok.

Visit the dentist often:
This is very recommended, the dentist can find out more to your tooth smell than what you think you know and proper way to go about it. Also, their recommendations can highly be of help.

Try antiseptic mouthwash:
Mouthwash is the used of specific mouthwash chemicals to fight tooth smell. Ordinary mouth washing can only cover up the smell for the moment, but antiseptic mouthwash helps to stop tooth smell, kindly give it a try.

Drink plenty water:
Water helps a lot to fight tooth smell, it helps to wash away residues from the mouth and also build up saliva against tooth smell.

Consume food with high fibre and vitamin D content
The above mentioned help to stop tooth smell and should also be taking into consideration. It is really important yo avoid sugary foods and concentrate on these food content to say no to tooth smell.

Avoid alcohol, chewing tobacco or smoking:
Doing the above calls upon tooth smell, each time you do them tooth smell runs in. Therefore, ones is advised to stay away from alcohol, chewing tobacco and smoking if you must say bey to tooth smell.

Avoid Smelly Food/Snack
Hope you know how bad your mouth smells when you eat onion or food with large amount of onion? Such spices like onion, ginger and garlic, irrespective of their health benefits should be taking in little to avoid tooth smell.

Consistency is to key to victory, if you must be victorious in your war against against tooth smell, then you must be consistent in doing the above.

Note: the above reasons may surely not cause tooth smell in one day, but when the error goes on over and over, tooth smell becomes the case.

Guest post from Health Ministers, a general health informative blog.

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